These Chesapeake Crab Cakes have delicate flavours crab that balances wonderfully with the assertive pungency and musky taste of Old Bay Seasoning. 

Chesapeake Crab Cakes

First, here is the list of the different Ingredients you will need to prepare the Chesapeake Crab Cakes that serves for 4

  •             1 lb. jumbo lump crabmeat, fresh or pasteurised
  •             1/4 cup mayonnaise, home made if possible
  •             1 Tbsp Dijon mustard
  •             1-1/2 tsp. Old Bay seasoning
  •             1 tsp. fresh lemon juice
  •             1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
  •             2 cups fresh breadcrumbs
  •             1 Tbs. chopped fresh flat-leaf parsley
  •             2 Tbsp unsalted butter and 1 Tbsp olive oil


Now, here are the different steps you will need to follow to make the Chesapeake Crab Cakes

Drain the crabmeat, if necessary. Put the crabmeat in a medium mixing bowl and set aside.

In a small bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, mustard, Old Bay seasoning, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and 1/4 tsp. salt. Scrape the mixture over the crab and mix gently until well combined. Gently break up the lumps with your fingers but do not over mix.

Sprinkle the breadcrumbs and the parsley over the mixture, and mix them in thoroughly but gently.  Try not to turn the mixture into a mash. Cover with Cling film (plastic wrap) and refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours.

Shape the crab mixture into 8 cakes about 1 inch thick. In a big nonstick skillet, heat the butter with the olive oil over medium heat. When the butter is frothy, add the cakes to the pan (8 should fit comfortably). Cook until dark golden brown on the underside, about 4 minutes. Flip the cakes, reduce the heat to medium low, and continue cooking until the other side is well browned, 4 more minutes.

Tip : Serve with lemon wedges on the side for squeezing over the cakes if you like and serve with some french fries or a big mixed salad.

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