Apple Nems with Apricot & Green Tea Sauce

Ingredients for 6 Nem:

  • 5 apples ( Reinettes)
  • 2 Tbsp honey
  • 1 pinch cinnamon
  • 50 g (5 Tbsp) melted butter
  • 100 g (1 cup) chopped nuts or hazelnuts
  • 6 filo pastry

Ingredients for the sauce:

  • 50 cl ( 2 cups) water
  • 150 g ( 2/3 cup) dried apricots
  • 1 green tea bag
  • 50 g (1/4 cup) icing sugar

Preparation for your Nem:

Peel apples, core and cut into thin slices. In a saucepan, over medium heat,cook with honey, cinnamon, butter, nuts or crushed hazelnuts and cook for about 20 minutes. Set aside.

Preheat oven to 200 ° C (390°F). Spread sheets of filo pastry on the work plan, then grease with a brush and put 3 tablespoons of cooked fruits in the center of each sheet and roll it like a cigarette while folding down to the centre the edges until you have finished rolling the filo sheet. Place the rolls on a baking sheet with parchment paper, brush with melted butter and sprinkle with icing sugar then bake for about 15 min.

Preparation for the sauce:

In a saucepan, heat water with fruit and tea. After 3 min, remove from heat and let cool, covered, for about 15 min. Finally,mix with the icing sugar. Serve the rolls warm with some sauce.

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