Bien dans son assiette... Feel good Food

Autumn at their best in this weeks Menu with the best Recipes for you including one seafood with Crab, but also Vegetables with Carrots, Leeks, Potatoes, Cabbage, Celeriac and Parsnips and for fruits with a highlight on Pears. Soon you will Enjoy !


Crab Rillettes / Rillettes au Crabe

ragout_legumes_Hiver_2_watermarked_1Baked Winter Vegetable Stew / Ragout de Légumes d’Hiver 


Pear Poached in Red Wine / Poires pochées au Vin Rouge


Aperitif, Appetizer, Dessert, Epices, Fruits, Fruits de Mer, Légume, Seafood, Spices, Sucrés, Sweets, Vin, wine

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