To Stay hydrated is so much more fun with Infused Water than just Water. We need to drink, but Instead of Soda, lets drink healthy, hydrating, and homemade water.  Enhance your health and delight your taste buds with healthy, homemade waters.

For infused water, there really is no recipe, exactly. There are no right or wrong measurements. Generally, I just add all of the ingredients to my pitcher or jar (or glass), slightly mashing up any fruit to release their juices. Next I bruise the leaves of any herbs (in my hands) to release the natural extracts and oils. Finally, top with some filtered water and enjoy.

Herbs, Spices and Botanicals
mint • basil • rosemary • lavender • thyme • gingercinnamon • sage • rose petals • vanilla • lemongrass • cardamom • parsley • lemon verbena • cilantro .cardamom • hibiscus • black pepper .

Fruits and Veggies
strawberries • blackberries • blueberries • raspberries • cherries • pineapple • • cucumber orange • lemon • limegrapefruit • cantaloupe •• grapes • pear • apples • peaches • plums • nectarines • tangerines • pomegranate • kiwi • carrots • celery • peppers • fennel

My Favourite ones are the coloured ones !

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